Junior deSouza

National Penetration

Crossdenominational Deepening

St. Paul, MN
Redeeming Love Church

By this time in my life I had become profoundly and repeatedly baptized in the reality of "waiting on the Lord." At first I kicked and screamed, but by this point I had come to appreciate the critical transformational purposes in those waiting periods. In this message I share five or six reasons the Lord makes us wait.  

Murfreesboro, TN
Global Fire Church

Around this same time it became very clear to me that a Me-centered entitlement current has influenced many Western Christians and their spirituality. The result has been stunted or non-existent spiritual development, and consequently, masses of Christians still novice or adolescent in Christ. In this message on spiritual growth and maturation I took aim at this issue.

San Diego, CA
Thriving Life Church

Ahhh...relationships. When the Lord wants to bless us, He often sends a person. When the enemy moves to steal, kill, and destroy, he too often sends a person. Every relationship is either cultivating our strength or reinforcing our weakness. I gave a careful teaching and zealous exhortation on how we must approach relationships.  

Las Cruces, NM
The Dream Center

Having walked through several marvelous freedom processes
myself, I spoke here on the details and practicalities of how the Holy Spirit makes us free and free indeed. I taught on "the seven spirits of God," or better stated, the sevenfold Spirit of God (Rev 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6, Isa 11:2). 

Cleveland, OH
Christ the King Church, Regional Gathering

How crucial is it for those ministering to flow in sync with the Holy Spirit? This can mean different things in different situations, but we can miss the Spirit's immediate nuance
because of our denominational programming, personality style, rigid expectations, ethnicity/culture, or some other hindrance. I got into gritty details in this message.