Junior deSouza

The  Expansion  Years

Increasing in Wisdom & Fruitfulness

Cleveland, OH
Willow Praise Church

By my late twenties, wisdom began to permeate my being. I started approaching everything much, much slower. Patient reflection, patient prayer, and skillful reasoning became my baseline more and more. This made my speaking exceptionally more effective and fruitful. Here I taught on the destiny process of Elijah over four days. 

Riverview, FL
Restoration Church

In this beautiful moment I knelt down to pray for this young girl who desired prayer. I spoke on the functions and activities of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. By this time in my life and ministry I had become so close and in love with this amazing Companion and Helper.   

Tampa, FL
"Going Up Higher" Conference

I was beginning to truly understand my identity and position in Christ, and it was affecting and changing everything about me! I taught here on the three heavens, how we are to live from third heaven down, not first heaven up, as Colossians 3:1-3 tell us. 

Denver, CO
Revolution Global Center

As I continued deeper and deeper into my calling, I was often consumed with zeal to help my listeners also find and fulfill their life purpose. I began speaking more on the intricacies of destiny discovery, process, and fulfillment, as I did here.  

Chicago, IL
PMI Glory Institute

The greatest understanding that emerged from my late twenties and early thirties was a rich understanding of God's nature. He is perfectly balanced and comprehensive in His attributes, and those attributes are on revolving display as seasons come and go. Here I taught on the four main attributes of the Lord, tracing them all throughout Scripture.