Junior deSouza

The  Beginning  Years

Learning the Basics of Anointed Communication

Age 17, First Time Speaking
Auburn, AL
Lakeview Baptist Church, Youth Pool Party

What could I possibly have to say at 17? Well, by this time I had learned to have a "quiet time" every morning, so I spoke on that. I shared a few scriptures about meeting with the Lord every morning, urging them to develop this intimacy. To this very day I repeat the same message constantly, as so many Christians do not commune with the Lord daily.

Age 19, Speaking Invitations Begin to Increase
Panama City Beach, FL
Ashland First Baptist Church Youth Retreat

By age 19 speaking invitations slowly increased, especially in the summertime. Most were to youth groups, but eventually church
revivals became interested. Here I spoke at a youth retreat on the subject of testing. Oh my. By this time in my life I began experiencing the God "who tests our hearts"  (1Th 2:4).

Age 20
Mobile, AL
Northside Bible Church

This was one of the most powerful moments of my early ministry years. I preached on the Second Coming and Day of the Lord. The Holy Spirit landed with such tremendous power nine people came forward to be born-again, and dozens of Christians littered the altar and recommitted their lives to the Lord.

Age 21
Montgomery, AL
Gateway Baptist Church

This was a difficult time. I tried to exhort strongly on
congregational commitment to a House of Prayer, but my heart simply was not right. Sure the Lord used it on multiple levels, but I had so much to learn about humility and true authority.

Age 23
Woodland, AL
Noonday Congregational Church

Around this time my vision began to improve. The greatest commandments came into sharper focus. I began seeing the importance of theological and ministerial priorities. Here I taught on the greatest commandments and seeking the Lord for vision on how to fulfill those commands through your life calling.